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Paying for Programs

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Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance is partially made possible by the generosity of our donors. To donate to the scholarship fund, click here or contact our Development department.

In an effort to keep programs available and affordable to all, we have established a sliding scale finanical aid program and payment plan.

Income discount Level 1: 10% off the discounted program fee if your annual personal income is between $20,000 and $30,000.

Income discount Level 2: 20% off the discounted program fee if your annual personal income is under $20,000.

Student: 25% off of the discounted program fee for participants aged 18 or older who are full-time college students. This does not work in conjunction with other discounts.

Matching scholarships: We also match scholarships from Shambhala city centers. For example, if your local center offers you a $200 scholarship, Karmê Chöling will match that amount.

All matching scholarships need to be approved by the scholarship committee at least two weeks ahead of time. Please apply online to inquire about the possibility of receiving a matching scholarship from us.

If you qualify for a discount based on income or wish to use the payment plan option, you do not need to fill out an application. Please notify our Registration department that you would like to take advantage of the option and your account will be adjusted.

If you still find the cost prohibitive, you may complete the application below to request additional assistance. With this we ask you to think about what amount you can pay keeping in mind the payment plan option.


Application Form

First Name:
Last Name:
City, State, Zip:
Cell or 2nd Phone:
Email Address:
Preferred Method of Contact:
Are you an employee of Shambhala?
Yes No
If yes, what is your position?
If yes, what is your Term of Employment?
Name and date of program you are requesting a scholarship for:
What is your annual income?
What is your household income?
How many adults are in your household?
How many children are in your household?
What is your current available cash (cash, checking, etc)?
Please list any current Shambhala debts indicating to whom the funds are owed and total outstanding balance.
Are you affiliated with a Shambhala Center?
Yes No
If yes, which center?
Please describe your center activities or other dharma work, including if you are an MI, AD, SG or a member of the Kasung:
Current Employer:
Monthly Salary:
How much can you pay?
What other sources of financial assistance have you investigated? (For example, your Shambhala Center may have a scholarship program)
Include any other details about your financial situation the review committee should know in order to properly assess your scholarship needs:

Thank you! We will contact you shortly. If you do not hear from us within one week, please call our Front Desk at (802) 633-2384 to ensure that we received your application.

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